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Exercise 1 To Final Test for Grade 7

Thursday, 23 May 20130 komentar

1. To save the file with a new name we have to click the button ...
a. Save
b. Save As
c. Open
d. Prepare
2. Function of Ctrl + C is ...
a. Move objects
b. Doubling object
c. Cutting objects
d. Put the object in a particular place
3. Buttons are used to select the shape of the letter is ...
a. Font
b. Font size
c. Increase font
d. Decrease font
4. To meratakkan text on the left side of the key that is used is ...
a. Top align
b. Middle align
c. Center align
d. Left align
5. Button to add objects of every shape is ...
a. Picture
b. Clip art
c. Shapes
d. Smart art
6. To add a graphic form that is scattering ...
a. Pie
b. Bar
c. Area
d. Scatter
7. Button to change the position of the paper is ...
a. Margins
b. Orientation
c. Size
d. Print area
8. The meaning of formulas menu is ...
a. The menu contained formulas
b. Insert another object on an Excel worksheet
c. Menu related to data processing
d. Menu information providers
9. To share a spreadsheet we use reveiew - Changes - ...
a. Protect sheet
b. Protect workbook
c. Share workbook
d. Track change
10. To menembunyikan worksheet window we use View - Window -.
a. Unhide
b. Hide
c. Split
d. Freee panes11. Indonesia on Worksheet standard size is ...
a. Inch
b. Cm
c. Mm
d. M
12. Button to set the top of the page is ...
b. Botton
c. Left
d. Right
13. Buttons are used to move from one screen to the left is ...
a. Page down
b. Page up
c. Alt + Page down
d. Alt + Page up
14. Is a Password to Open a ...
a. To open the password file should list
b. To close the file must write down the password
c. To change the password file should list
d. To save the password file should list
15. Separator for the date is ...
a. /
b. -
c. :
d. ,
16. To sort the data, we can also use buttons ...
a. Ctrl + End
b. Ctrl + Enter
c. Shift + End
d. Shift + Enter
17. Landscape to set the direction of the position paper ...
a. Vertical
b. Horizontal
c. Above
d. Under
18. To stem menembunyikan messages, select View - Show / Hide - ...
a. Ruler
b. Gridlines
c. Message Bar
d. Headlings
19. Button Review - New Comment - Previousberfungsi to ...
a. Showing all comments
b. See previous comment
c. See further comments
d. Delete comment
20. To determine when the formula is calculated select-Calculation Formulas-...
a. Options
b. Calculation
c. Calculate now
d. Calculate sheet
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